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             A survey of ionizing radiation applications in Palestine was carried out in April-may, 1998.

                A setup of a strategic plan for 1999 2003 was laid out.

                Five days -training course in radiation protection for 25 local staffs was organized towards the end of June 1998.

                Preparing for a project focusing on the studying of the natural background radioactivity in Palestine.

                Preparing to carry out training program in x-ray photographing technique in cooperation with health ministry.

                Two workshops in Gaza and Ramallah on the projections of NERP in Palestine.  

Workshops :

    Participating in scientific seminar for Technology   osmosis Reverse use in a deslination  in middle  east  center for desalination searches -Muskat -Oman, from 1/10/99 to 1998 .

   Organizing a scientific seminar in a desalination  field in the precense of 15 representatives from Palestinian institution at the last of February 1999 .  

  workshops were organized with regard to nuclear energy and protection department in Gaza  Ramallah in Nov ,Dec subsequently with the presence of institution ,and ministries partners .

  participating in media seminar for nuclear  energy and peace application .


Organizing a special  training Course in the radiation and waste management ,from 21to 27 June 1998 in Cooperation with scientific faculty in Islamic university -Gaza 25 participants has participated from several governmental and non governmental institutions .

It has participated also in the national training course in the field of environment health data management ,by using CDS/ ISIS from 14.to 19 August , which was organized by Palestinian health ministry .


  participating in the fourth international conference of water technology from 5/8 march .1999 in Alexandria ..



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