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Distribution Master Plan Summary



A rehabilitation program for the existing 22 kV system as recommended by

RK&D has been performed during the last years. The works were carried out by PEA financed and supervised by NORAD and Norconsult of Norway. Completion of this cooperation program was scheduled  March 1997, but networks rehabilitation is since then continued by PEA and the local distribution utilities. Today the sector is restructured in that distribution systems are owned and operated by the Gaza Electric Distribution Company, GEDCO, established by PEA to take charge of the 22 kV and LV networks in the Gaza strip.

New connection Lines and Reinforcement Plans 

PEA/GEDCO is presently planning and preparing the final design of the 22 kV connection lines to the new HV  transmission system substations and related reinforcement of existing lines. The distribution system  overall expansion and refurbishment to meet the requirements of the transmission system, will be completed by PEA/GEDCO according to a schedule to harmonize with the commissioning of the new bulk supply substations.

GEDCO will be responsible for the execution of works.

  The main components with cost estimations of the Master Plan for distribution networks extensions and reinforcement directly related to the Transmission Project are indicated the following single line diagram with specification table for each transmission substation area.

The total corresponding line lengths are:


                                                Feeders Type & Length (km)                                  Cost / 1000 USD

  For the West S/S:                   15.75 km of  UG cables and 13.5 km of OH lines             4486

For the North S/S:                  5.4 km of  UG cables and 10.7 km of OH lines                 2209.5

For the  South S/S:               1 km of  UG cables and 30.3 km of OH lines                     2071.5


Total Cost                                                                                                                               8767    






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