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Problem Identification :

In Fact ,The need for library to engineers and other employees in the Palestinian energy authority is becoming urgent . Library is an important tool for every one . Now graduated engineers can improve their work conditions with the help of the others experience and the senior engineers that they might need to review or update their knowledge, that can't be attainable in the absence of the nearby library . It is a very beneficial matter, a library to be located in the Palestinian energy authority energy building in order to get the chance to make use of the employees without a  huge losses in time and money . Such library will not only serve the PEA employees,but also it will be open for all the Palestinian people .

Establishing of main library is Considered as the  best solution to compensate the deffiency of energy, Economic environmental references and all of Subjects  main references .


Project Objectives :

Facilitate the job opportunities for engineers and others by improving their  skills and helping them in updating their knowledege .

To help the Palestinian people by offering the scientific issues.

The library is thought to be a scientific data center for researchers,experts  and scientists who look for specific issuse .

To servere search purposes in order to be able to participate in rebuilding  process of  Palestine .

Assist in training and public awareness programs .


Target Audience :

The library should serve all employees of the palestinian authority and,students as well who are concerned in engineering and applied science,in order to meet their needs of data and searches. However, There is no specialized library in Gaza strip in that field .

The expect daily of the library will be in the range 200 persons from different field .


Main Sections :


Video cassette   Training -documantary

Audio Tapes





people culture

 Internet network    

Project Phases:-

The project will be establisted in  3 phases .

Furnishing and development of the staff .

 Ordering and purchasing required Library stationary and Equipment.

 Developing a software programs  and management system .  




Applicant :   Palestinian   Energy Authoriy

Address    :  Palestinian  Energy Authority

                   Public  Relations  Department       

Tel / Fax   :    2825398  /2867989

                 :    2821702

P.O.Box    :    3041-Gaza

E-mail      :     pea @palnet.Com

 The requested : Establishing A library In  P .E . A

 Contact person :Akram  Hamed

                            Public Relations  Department  



  E-Mail :


Palestinian Energy Authority:

Main Office PEA. :     Gaza -P.O Box 3041/ Tel: 972-7-2821702 , Fax : 972-7-2824849

                                        Al-Bireh-P.O. Box:3591 / Tel: 972-2- 2986190/2 , Fax:972-2-2986191