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Generation Department within PEA

  Generation department is considered as one of the main departments in the PEA.  Studies were done taking in account the regional interconnection options. These studies were funded from the European Union. An electrical Master Plan for Palestine is prepared with cooperation between the Palestinian staff and groups of European experts from ENTřEL / Italy, ELSAM PROJECT / Denmark and TRACTEBEL / Belgium.

  The Master Plan Covers the following issues:

  1.   Expected electrical load till 2015.

  2.   Palestinian  Electrical Generation

  3.   Palestinian Transmission system.


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Palestinian Energy Authority:

Main Office PEA. :     Gaza -P.O Box 3041/ Tel: 972-7-2821702 , Fax : 972-7-2824849

                                        Al-Bireh-P.O. Box:3591 / Tel: 972-2- 2986190/2 , Fax:972-2-2986191