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President Arafat

Born:                   Yasser Arafat was  born in Jerusalem-Palestine in 1929.

Educated:            In Cairo-Egypt.

Joined:              The substitute officers of the Egyptian Army and fought against the tri-aggression on Egypt, 1956.

Graduated:       In engineering from king Fuad university/ Cairo.

1953-68 Joined:  Early in his youth, the Palestine National Movement as represented by the League of Palestinian Students in 1944 and Chaired it later on.

formed "Fatah" together with other brothers in the fifties and was declared its spokesman in 1968.

1973:             Commander in Chief of the forces of the Palestinian Revolution.

1974:             Addressed the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York.

Received many awards for peace:-

1979:           Joliet Curie Gold Medal-World Peace Council.

1981:           Honorary Ph.D. from Jamaat Islamiya in Haidar Abad, India.

1982:                     led the heroic battle against the invasion of Lebanon and the battle of steadfastness during the siege of Beirut by the Israeli forces.

November 1984 and April, 1987:  Reelected Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization by the 17th, 18th and the 19th sessions of the Palestine National Council.

13 Sept. 1988:       Addressed the socialist Group of the European Parliament.

15 Nov. 1988:        Announced the Declaration of Independence and the                   establishment of an Independent Palestinian State.

13 Dec. 1988:        Addressed the UNGA, which convened in Geneva to hear him because the then US Secretary of State denied Chairman Arafat an entry Visa to the US to address the UNGA in New York . Addressed the Security Council in Geneva on February. May 1990 for the same reason.

13-14  Dec. 1989:  launched the Palestinian peace initiative for establishing peace in the Middle East. Following that, on 14 Dec. 1988, the US Administration led by President Reagan decided to open a substantial dialogue with the PLO in Tunis.

30 March, 1989:   Chosen President of the State of Palestine by Central Council of the PLO and elected as such by the Palestine National Council directly on 15 Nov. 1988.

Launched and directed the policy of “peace of the braves” that culminated in the signing of the Palestinian Israeli Declaration of Principles at the White House, Washington, 13 September 1993.

Elected on 12 Oct. 1993: By the Central Council of the PLO to be the President of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA).

31 Oct. 1993:        President of Palestine Economic Council for Development and Reconstruction (PECDAR).

President Arafat is vice – Charmin of NAM and the permanent Vice-Chairman of the Organization of Islamic Conference.  

July, 1994:           Awarded Felix Houphouet Boigny Peace Prize.

Oct. 1994:           Received Laureate Nobel Peace price.  

Nov. 1994:           Awarded Prince of Sturias prize.   

28 Sept, 1995:     Signed Oslo agreement with the then Israeli Prime minister, Mr. Rabin, and witnessed by the U.S.A. and Russia.

20 Jan. 1996:      Elected as President to the PNA  in general election.  

23 Oct. 1998:    He signed "Wye River" memorandum with the former Israeli prime minister, Mr. Netanyaho.

31 Aug. 1999:      Awarded an honorary Ph.D. in Business Administration from the Masstricht University of Holland.

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