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Achievement of the generation department

  1.  Palestinian Energy flow chart/ balance for year 1997 (enclosed).

  2.  Comparison Study between the planed Palestinian Power Plant and the best Coal fired Israeli Power Plant.

  3. Study to select the best location for a Power Plant in West Bank.  

  4.   The PPA governes the sale of power to PEA and defines the-

    Concessions period and all legal and financial obligations.

     Both PEC and Enron have finalized this agreement with PNA- and PEA on 18th of June 1999, in the presence of president Arfat.

     Believing that, through the cooperative efforts of the PEA, PEC- Enron international, and ABB that a technically advanced power plant will be successfully constructed to meet the needs and demands of the Palestinian people.


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Palestinian Energy Authority:

Main Office PEA. :     Gaza -P.O Box 3041/ Tel: 972-7-2821702 , Fax : 972-7-2824849

                                        Al-Bireh-P.O. Box:3591 / Tel: 972-2- 2986190/2 , Fax:972-2-2986191